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Sunday 29th of August 2021 10am - 4pm
Sunday 5th of September 2021 10am - 4pm.


$375 + booking fee.

10% of gross takings to be donated to FareShare to help grow and serve nurtitious food to people experiencing a food crisis.


In-person at FareShare Kitchen Garden, 2-6 Lulie Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, or on zoom if restrictions apply.

Please see T+C's below for covid contingency plan.

10 hours of comprehensive bee-friendly theory and practical experience.


• The adaptations of the Langstroth hive to ‘natural’ beekeeping.
• Comprehensive bee-friendly instruction + theory.
• A brief history of honey hunting and beekeeping.
• Honeybee superorganism basics.
• What is 'low intervention' / natural beekeeping?
• The beehive explained.
• Foundationless beekeeping tricks.
• Selecting the best site for your hive.
• Swarm management + catching techniques.
• Disease identification + treatments.
• Beekeeping obligations under the Apiary Code of Practice.
• Honey Fingers "Bee-Friendly Urban Beekeeping" booklet, written and designed by HF. To be posted to participants before the course commences.
• Q+As throughout each session.

Terms and Conditions:

Covid Contingency:

In the event that Covid restrictions are in place during the course dates, the course will default to an online theory version. Dates and times will be as follows:

Sunday 29/8/21 10am - 12pm
Sunday 5/9/21 10am - 12pm

In the event that this option is exercised, all participants will receive a $175.00 refund, i.e the course cost will be reduced to $175.00

The online course will not include the honey extraction workshop, the frame building exercise, the beehive inspection, or lunch.

Important/Please Read:

All participants accept this contingency as a condition of purchasing a ticket and understand that Covid restrictions do not result in a full refund. Participation in the online contingency is expected and a condition of buying a ticket.

Cancellation fees:

1. WITHOUT Covid restrictions in place (e.g. no lockdown or similar)

Within 48 hours of the course commencing: $150.
Greater than 48 hours: $100.

2. WITH Covid restrictions in place (e.g. under lockdown or similar)

Within 48 hours of the course commencing: $75.
Greater than 48 hours: $50.

Courses are only transferable by arrangement.
Cancellation fees may still apply.

If you need to contact me, please email:

• Honey Fingers acknowledges First Nations Peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and keep bees